Discs: Solo & own Projects

CD “Duality”


Sarah Buechi – voice, lyrics
Christoph Haberer – composition,
electronics & programming,
drums & percussion

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CD “Animata”


Sarah Buechi – voice, lyrics, composition
Christoph Haberer – drums, electronics, composition

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (14th of March 2016): “I can`t find any prototype for this CD, no similar way of connecting the vocal and instrumental concepts of sound: `Animata` (Jazzhaus Musik).
It is the result of the collaboration of the young Swiss vocalist Sarah Buechi with her English lyrics and the widely experienced percussionist Christoph Haberer who seems to travel between ethnological research, machined asthetics and electronical sound fantasies.
Buechi has proven herself to have a versatile way of singing. She possesses an almost girly and beautiful cantilena, which she can colour in marvelous ways or fuse with metal but from which she can distance herself as well with whispering passages, speech bubbles, yodel like colours and dramatic outbreaks.
The lyrics are all written by her. One is encouraged to read along with them at least once. They deal with wondrous love dreams, hunger for wisdom, love, joy, are cryptic, ordinary, philosophical, surreal, metaphysical.
While consuming the Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) the lyrics play a minor role or even no role at all during the oustanding musical events and their totally different course on this journey. As for example in one piece where both knock about with sensefree scats.”

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CD “Polyritmia”


Haberer’s fascination with polyrhythms has played a role in his work over many years – in the new solo album polyrhythms have become a standard feature. Almost all the pieces have an underlying polyrhythmic structure, each one may be different but it is a component part of the composition.

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CD “Trommelzeit”


Starting point for the CD ´Trommelzeit´ was ´handplayed and live´ - "Haberer combines
electronic drums, synthesizer sections, marimbaphone and steeldrum sounds with
acoustic, polyrhythmic drumming in an extremely entertaining and exciting way."

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CD “Prozession”


Christoph Haberer – drums, electronics
Michael Heupel – flutes
Carlo Rizzo – polytonal tambourine, framedrums, voice

Live recording of the concert on 21st June 2006 at the Justinuskirche in Frankfurt-Höchst.

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CD “personal edition”


A selection of Haberer’s best recordings from the LP’s and CD’s, published between 1980 and 2003, plus two new compositions, recorded live with his electronic setup.

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CD “and what about … time?”


The host of instruments ranges from analogue and digital synthesizers, samplers, keyboards and drum-pads to MIDI controllers. Christoph Haberer has played his music in a computer-based sequencer-program with which he repeatedly exceeded the boundaries of pre-composed and improvised passages, between ´played´ loops and ´programmed´ overdubs..

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CD “pulsation”


“With a solid feeling for the relationship between rhythm and melody, Haberer takes
a breathtaking walk on the fine line between european, asian and african sound cultures.“

Christoph Haberer – drums, synthesizers, percussion, programming; with: Michael Heupel – flutes, didgeridoo, Paul van Kemenade – alto saxophone, Thomas Heberer – trumpet, Ramesh Shotham – south-indian percussion, Stefan Bauer – marimba, vibes

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LP “Villa Rhododendron”


Christoph Haberer – drums, electronics, percussion, Stefan Bauer – marimba, vibraphone, Fried Bauer – keyboards, Michael Peters – percussion


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LP “mir was, dir was”


solo - drums, percussion, synthesizer



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LP “Drümmele Maa”


solo - drums & percussion
´Clash-Clash´ with: Ingo Werner – electronics, Reinhard Karwatky – guitars


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9. Mai 2020

Animata - "Duality",          Heubacher Hauskonzert, Weilheim/Tiengen, 8:00 p.m.

9. Mai 2020

Animata - "Duality",               Matinée at Villa Sträuli, Winterthur/Switzerland,            11:00 a.m.

10 Dezember 2019

New Solo Video on Youtube: "DRUM & TRIGGER",                   a four-part percussionsuite

13 september 2019

"Twelve Drummers and One Singer" - with Sarah Buechi and "Boogie Voodoo", the percussion-ensemble of the music school Dortmund, at Kultur.Punkt Friedenskirche, Krefeld 8:00 p.m.

11 september 2019

"Twelve Drummers and One Singer" - with Sarah Buechi and "Boogie Voodoo", the percussion-ensemble of the music school Dortmund, at the domicil, Dortmund, 8:00 p.m.

Mai 2019

Video "Leopard Walk"                      the percusssion quartet of DRUMMERTURGIE plays         "Leopard Walk", a composition of Peter Giger, arranged by Drummerturgie           

April 2019

Video "Ocean Song",                presenting the new project of pianist and composer Jochen Hartman-Hilter, with Sarah Buechi and C.H.: "Swarm Intelligence"

10 Oktober 2018

New Videos on Youtube: Animata & Drummerturgie", live in concert at the domicil, Dortmund, 16 June 2018

1 september 2018

New Videos on Youtube: "Animata - Duality" live in concert at the domicil, Dortmund, 16 June 2018

16 June 2018

"voice meets percusion":
double feature with "Animata - Duality" and "Drummerturgie",
at the domicil Dortmund, 8:00 p.m

3 June 2018

Animata - "Duality", at the Hildener Jazztage, Fabry Museum, 7:00 p.m

12 APRIL 2018

Release of the new Duo-CD       Animata - Duality    JazzHausMusik