Review: CD “personal edition”

Jazzthing 2/06

His “personal edition” gives an impression of the most complex sounds created by a percussion and synthesizer sound tinkerer. Here and there the CD reminds us of Jan Hammer, Zappa or Weather Report, but seconds later, we find ourselves back in the peculiarly self-referential sound cosmos of Christoph Haberer.

WAZ, November 8, 2005

In “personal edition”, Haberer provides a personal summary looking back to the recordings made since his “Drümmele Maa” album debut. On the best-of sampler, Haberer presents his musical spectrum with the best titles from all of his productions …. Like a common thread, Haberer’s melodious play accompanies the exciting journey through his polyrhythmic world of sound.

CD “personal edition”


4 April 2021

Two new Solo Videos on Youtube: "Barbara" - an improvisation on the acoustic drumset -, and another piece from the ´Blue Series´: "Novemberlicht"

2 March 2021

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Circle Move"

12 January 2021

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Three Pads"

17 December 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Blaue Nacht"

20 November 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Spätsommer"

20 October 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Five Snares"

13 August 2020

Solo performance - at the opening day of the exhibition: "Pixelprojekt_Ruhrgebiet", Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen, 6:30 p.m.

4 June 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: ”Breaking Waves”, for Tinplate Cans and electronics

9 Mai 2020

“Animata – Duality”, Heubacher Hauskonzert, Weilheim/Tiengen, 8:00 p.m. CANCELLED

9 Mai 2020

“Animata – Duality”, Matinée at Villa Sträuli, Winterthur/Switzerland,    11:00 a.m. CANCELLED

20 March 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: ”Indian Colours”, for Ghatam and electronic percussion

1 February 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: ”Savannah Move”, with a special drumset of „bOdrums“

10 Dezember 2019

New Solo Video on Youtube: “DRUM & TRIGGER”, a four-part percussionsuite

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