Review: CD “Pulsation”

Z´Kay (Klenkes, Aachen) 6/94

Christoph Haberer has created a fine album: "pulsation". He has developed his percussive sound experiments of Drümmele Maa and turned into a wanderer between the worlds and the cultures. Haberer shows that he understands the relationship between the rhythm and melody of European, African and Asian sound cultures, and he has managed to create a truly breathtaking tightrope walk. Inspired by a train journey in India, a fun fair in France, a Danish song and Mozart, "pulsation" embodies the concept of a European, instrumentally enhanced Gamelan Orchestra.

Jazzthing 6/1994

A journey to the borders between New Age, imaginary folklore, new music and trendy fusion – who would have thought that such sounds originate from the head and hands of the Drümmele Maa percussionist, Christoph Haberer, who recently played sensitive, wise jazz together with Lee Konitz? " Haberer combines electronic trumpet and glittering synthesizer sounds with the down-to-earth sound of a didgeridoo, the natural wooden timbre of the marimba and the percussive knocking of Southern Indian drums, and he opens up a beautiful old and new world!

CD “pulsation”


9 October 2021

Solo Live Performance: at HÖMMA 21 Jazzfestival Oberhausen, Kino Zentrum Altenberg, 9 p.m.

8 Juli 2021

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Dualsonics" - for Basler Trommel, Moog Drum Controller and more...

20 May 2021

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Voice & Drum" - polyrhythmic scatting

4 April 2021

Two new Solo Videos on Youtube: "Barbara" - an improvisation on the acoustic drumset -, and another piece from the ´Blue Series´: "Novemberlicht"

2 March 2021

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Circle Move"

12 January 2021

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Three Pads"

17 December 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Blaue Nacht"

20 November 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Spätsommer"

20 October 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: "Five Snares"

13 August 2020

Solo performance - at the opening day of the exhibition: "Pixelprojekt_Ruhrgebiet", Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen, 6:30 p.m.

4 June 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: ”Breaking Waves”, for Tinplate Cans and electronics

9 Mai 2020

“Animata – Duality”, Heubacher Hauskonzert, Weilheim/Tiengen, 8:00 p.m. CANCELLED

9 Mai 2020

“Animata – Duality”, Matinée at Villa Sträuli, Winterthur/Switzerland,    11:00 a.m. CANCELLED

20 March 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: ”Indian Colours”, for Ghatam and electronic percussion

1 February 2020

New Solo Video on Youtube: ”Savannah Move”, with a special drumset of „bOdrums“

10 Dezember 2019

New Solo Video on Youtube: “DRUM & TRIGGER”, a four-part percussionsuite

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